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It is our mission to help close the Gender Wealth Gap and promote equality. Due to that, we created this platform for women to become educated on how to become affluent, obtain time-management skills, get self-improvement tips, entrepreneurship tips, and learn about numerous topics that lead to success.

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Be More Productive & Become a Morning Person (FINALLY!)

Oh we know you saw this coming! If you're like me, you are a morning person that wakes up refreshed, thankful, and ready to face the day and get things done. If you're not, then you know you fill find the solution within this post, so keep reading! Did you know that...


If you have never procrastinated before, you are not human. It is merely a natural human reaction to being bombarded with tasks. If you're like me, you end up doing absolutely NOTHING when you have numerous things to do, and that is because you do not know when or how...

How I Use Ebates to Get Free Money + $10 FREE FOR YOU!

Yes, you read that right. When it comes to online shopping and saving money, call me "Queen." I love free, discounts, and getting cash back on items that I have to purchase regardless of whether I get something in return or not. One thing I like to do before I shop...

How Bloggers REALLY Make Money

"Is blogging dead?" This is the question I always get, and if you are a respected blogger, I'm sure you get the same question, too. Although it may not be easy at first, creating and launching your blog is a fun experience that can lead you to riches! You just have to...

How The Government Shutdown Will Affect Your Taxes & Business

This website is not a politics-related website. However, the latest news about the government shutdown WILL affect your business and finances directly, so we must cover this controversial topic. Unless you have been living under a rock, you are familiar with the...

I Got a Sugar Daddy For Money (Ep 1)

Disclaimer: This personal experience was sent to us by a young lady that prefers to stay anonymous. Please, be respectful. This is meant to be educational. What is a sugar daddy? "a rich older man who lavishes gifts on a young woman in return for her company or sexual...

How to Make Money Reviewing Apps

Yes... I am as surprised as you are. No, this is not a joke. Just keep reading... As you may know by now, creating multiple streams of income is one of our main objectives at EF, and teaching you how to do so is our drive. When we realized that we could make money by...

How to Raise Your Self-Esteem, Make More Money, Change Your Mindset & Become Determined For 2019

Affluence: The state of having a great deal of money: wealth." -Dictionary. Hi there, boss! I am so happy to have you here. It has always been my mission to close the Gender Wealth Gap, teach other women how to increase their affluence, improve their mindsets, and...

How to Make a 6-Figure Business Printing on Demand (PART 2)

Yes, part 2 is finally here! If for some unknown reason you missed out on part 1 of this entrepreneurship series, you can always find it by clicking here, or the image below. (You seriously need to read it, pal) So far, we covered how to create and launch your store...

How to Make a 6-Figure Business Printing on Demand (PART 1)

This is part one of a post that could turn into a 3-part series. Creating your POD (Print on Demand) business is a time-consuming process, and putting all that information into one post will make it incredibly long and tedious. “Hey Elenny, do you own a POD business?...
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