How To Score Amazon Items For Cheaper

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If you are anything like me, you are highly dependent on Amazon to purchase any item you need at home, gifts for loved ones, and groceries. Here, I will introduce you to two websites that I always use every time I want to order something on Amazon.

  • Snagshout

I have been using Snagshout for a few months and have saved a lot of money. How does it work?


When you sign up, you get to browse the website and find highly discounted items waiting for you to grab and purchase them. The best thing is that you do not need to apply for or be approved to obtain the discount. However, the number of discounts you can snag is limited (my limit is 6).

They have broad categories to choose from and you can also filter how you’d like the items to be listed. I always filter it to show the prices from low to high (who doesn’t?).

  • Jump Send

Jump Send works in a very similar manner. Although it displays more discounted items and free items, you have to apply in order to be approved to obtain the discount. However, some items auto-qualify you, you just have to get lucky.


Additionally, most items are fulfilled by Amazon while others are fulfilled by their merchant.

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