Sell Your Breast Milk Online- Earn Money

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Are you over-producing breast milk? Did you know that you can sell it and even make $70 dollars daily?

I know that when I found out I felt very thrilled, mostly because I am currently pregnant and can use those extra bucks for formula or those cute little outfits. I am definitely trying this out.

Why is it possible to sell your breast milk?

Many children are born premature and are in need of breast milk while they stay in the hospital. Why breast milk? It boosts their immune system with all the good properties it contains.

How to sell your breast milk?

If you are a healthy mom that produces more milk for your baby than needed, you can definitely sell your breast milk online.

You can apply on sites such as Mothers Milk Cooperative and Tiny Treasures Baby Bank. There are too many milk banks to list, but you get the idea. However, many of them are not currently accepting more applications, but you can still apply to become a donor and ship them your extra milk for free. You will not be paid this way, but you will be making a huge difference on many babies and their desperate mothers.

Most of the milk banks pay $1/oz for breast milk, so if you sell 30 ounces of breast milk daily at $1 per ounce, you’d be making $30 dollars, which equals to $10,950 per year.

If you do not qualify to sell your extra breast milk. Please, consider donating it for free. You will make other moms like you very happy.

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