What I Hated About Being Pregnant (what you should prepare yourself for)

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Pregnancy is just like in the movies! Or so they say…

Without a doubt, pregnancy is a life-changing stage in a woman’s life that challenges her both physically and psychologically. When it came to my pregnancy, I felt disturbed 99% of the time due to my physical and hormonal changes, but also because the people surrounding me did not make it any easier for me. In this post, I will tell you what I hated about being pregnant and why.

Note: I love my baby girl, I just had a very difficult pregnancy and I want my female readers to understand why I did not enjoy my pregnancy the way I should have had.

  • Anterior Placenta.

Like I mentioned, I had a very difficult pregnancy and one of the major reasons was my anterior placenta. For those who do not know what this is:

Anterior Placenta is a prenatal condition in which your placenta is positioned on the front wall of your womb. Although Doctors say that it should not cause any problems, it did cause a major issue with my pregnancy because my baby was not receiving the amount of nutrients she needed due to my defective placenta. As a result of this, my baby was born at 36 weeks and 4 days, weighing just 3 pounds and 11 grams. She had to stay in the NICU for almost two weeks! Imagine giving birth to a tiny person that you adore, but having to see her through a glass every day due to how tiny and delicate she is.

When I was pregnant and my OB-GYN told me that I had this condition, I cried every day and night because I was worried and scared. Thankfully, I chose one of the best hospitals in NYC and today my baby girl is big, healthy, chubby and perfect.

  • People deciding for me.

Although I understand that everybody wanted to help me because they loved me and wanted the best for me and my child, they did not consider what I truly wanted during my pregnancy. Let me explain:

I did not want a baby shower. Why? you may ask. My husband and I had created a list of very specific items and brands we were going to purchase for our baby. When we told our families, they simply said that people gift what they feel like gifting. Isn’t that strange? Shouldn’t they purchase something they know you will use and love? Anyways, since they were not going to buy things that we truly needed, we decided to save the money for the baby shower and spend it on our decided items. We spent that money wisely and our families saved their money, too.

Well, the story does not end there. My family insisted on having a baby shower, so I decided to just go along with it. My plan was to do it when I was 5 months pregnant.

[themify_box color=”pink” icon=”note”]I did not want to do it further along in my pregnancy because I assumed I was going to be exhausted and annoyed by my huge belly. Throwing a baby shower early is a smart choice.[/themify_box]

However, my family took the liberty to decide the date without considering my husband’s position nor mine! I disagreed, obviously. This caused a huge familiar controversy which ultimately ended up with an argument.

  • People deciding for me [part 2].

Adding to my previous argument, my family also decided, without consulting with me, that I would be staying at their house after

giving birth. I understand their eagerness to help, but they disregarded the fact that I am a married woman with a home of my own. I could not just go to their house and leave my husband behind, nor take him with me when we have our own place.

  • People touching my belly.

I get it, a pregnant woman’s belly is perfectly round and beautiful. However, it does not give people the right nor freedom to touch it without asking. Let me clear this up:

[themify_box color=”pink” icon=”highlight”]They were not touching the baby, they were touching me![/themify_box]

I felt like a walking trophy, so rare and beautiful that everyone felt the need to approach and touch me. Here is a tip: Do Not touch a pregnant woman’s belly without her permission! You are invading someone’s personal space and that is just wrong.

  • I couldn’t breathe.

Babies are heavy, and they crush your organs. That’s very scary but very true. My lungs were being crushed to the point where I had difficulties breathing, but this is normal for every pregnancy. However, just because it is normal does not mean that it is comfortable, nor that I should have gotten used to it. Sleeping became a difficult task because I had to breathe through my mouth while trying to sleep.

[themify_box color=”pink” icon=”warning”]Sleeping body-pillows do not always help. Save your money![/themify_box]

  • Nothing was my size!

I refused to purchase maternity clothes because I saw it as an unnecessary investment, especially when pregnancy only lasts for a few months.

However, my normal clothes obviously did not fit me because everything was growing and I felt extremely uncomfortable.

Every time my husband offered to take me shopping, I refused! Why? I couldn’t try anything on because I knew that nothing would fit. Each time he bought me a blouse, he chose a size S because that was my size

before I got pregnant and I could not wear it.

Post-partum I’m still a size S, but nothing looks the same on me anymore.

  • I needed help shaving.

Come on! I had a huge belly that got bigger each day. The issue was that I couldn’t see my intimate part due to my bump blocking the view, so shaving was difficult and nearly impossible. Also, shaving my legs was difficult since bending down was also impossible. Although I received my husband’s assistance, you know that a job well-done is the job you do yourself. I love you, honey!

  • “Can you please put socks on me? Oh and my boots too? Perhaps my leggings?”

I was still going to college full-time when I had my big bump, so every day my husband had to wake up at the same time as me just to help me get up, dressed, and ready. Not only did I feel uncomfortable, I felt disabled since I couldn’t do the things I would normally do.

  • “But I need coffee! Why can’t I drink more than 6 ounces daily?

This is a controversial topic. However, my OB-GYN told me that consuming fewer than 6 ounces of coffee daily was fine, but I needed much more than that. Who doesn’t?

[themify_box color=”pink” icon=”comment”]These are a few of the things I hated about my pregnancy and the reasons why it will probably be my last. Thank you so much for reading. If you can relate to me, please share this post. You may also want to subscribe to my newsletter to be notified of new posts.[/themify_box]


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