The Notorious “Get Rich Quick” Schemes

the notorious get rich quick schemes

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I know that you have seen those ads all over social media. The ones where people claim to be millionaires and promising you that you will get rich quick as long as you let them teach you how they did it.

Let me tell you something

before I continue with this post, ready?

There is no way to get rich quick unless you win the lottery!

Okay, back to the post.

You may have thought, “if they got rich so quick, maybe I can do it, too! They will teach me!” And the fact that they own (or rent) Lamborghinis and live in a luxurious home affects their credibility and pushes you towards buying whatever they’re selling.

What the People Behind the “Get Rich Quick” Schemes Do

Encourage you to not go to college.

Their most notorious phrase is, “stop going to college for a degree, you want to make money now.”

Although you do want to make money now, you should also consider that having a college degree is the key to landing in a good job, especially if you don’t own a business and are not interested in having one. Also, with a college education, you are more likely to have significant connections that will lead to great things in the future, like a partnership.

What if you do end up getting rich by doing whatever they’re telling you to do, and something fails or the system crashes? You will be left with no work experience, no education, and no money.

Sell you their “profitable” systems.

There are numerous ways to make money from home and become successful doing so. However, no system is supposed to simplify that by giving you shortcuts. Success takes time and dedication.

They will also sell you their system for an incredibly high price!

Are they claiming to know how to beat the stock market’s system? That is not possible with the advanced technology and the bots taking over.

Portray a lavish lifestyle.

When you go to their social media accounts, you will notice how luxurious their lives are. However, they are not just showing off their expensive things (that they might even not own), but they use that lifestyle as marketing for you to purchase what they are selling because they know that you want that lifestyle.

You need to consider that they might live in a state where everything is more affordable. I live in NYC, buying a property here is a BLESSING! Saving enough money for it is a BLESSING! Why? Because it is so expensive that if you get to own a home, you are beyond being financially stable.

However, in a state such as Texas, it is very common for people to own huge and affordable homes.

Remember that Lambo I mentioned up there? They might have rented it! They might be drowning in debt paying for that car just to show off and to get your trust!

If they have a large following, you need to know that they are most likely influencers, (meaning that they get paid for sponsoring and promoting brands), so what you see on their posts might just be free products.

You need to be smarter than that and consider all the factors.

Show you how they make money.

Pretend that I’m a person that teaches people how to trade stocks (for a price, of course). When you go to my Instagram, you might find results from my MetaTrader app showing how much money I’ve earned overnight.

Then pretend you see another one of my posts talking about how I went from having $4.35 in my bank account to having six figures in less than 12 months. You might think that I achieved that by solely trading. No, trading was simply part of my income, perhaps 20%. The other 80% came from me teaching you (by charging you) how to do it. Surprise!

I have seen many stock traders play this trick. The reality is that they are millionaires because their money comes from your pockets, not just from trading.

It is perfectly fine to invest in yourself by paying for courses that will teach you valuable information and strategies. However, the person selling it must be honest about how they make their money rather than selling you a fake lifestyle.

Pyramid schemes.

This point is highly controversial. If a recruiter from a company is trying to get you to join them, then the company is a pyramid (where the person that recruited you gets a commission out of your sales). Why should a job or business consist of people being recruited (by paying a membership to enroll) to gain its profit rather than selling goods that people need and want to purchase?

My father lost thousands of dollars after

joining a pyramid scheme that soon collapsed due to their illegal, hidden practices! He did not leave his job, so our family remained stable.

Is there something I missed that you’d like to bring up?

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