Why Doing Social Media Marketing Won’t Work

why doing social media marketing won't work

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It is clear that social media is a big part of our lives and many people, like myself, love it. I use it to communicate with my family, my followers, and to build a community.

However, when it comes to promoting your brand, it is not the best social media marketing is not the best strategy.

Why Doesn’t Social Media Marketing Work?

To start this off, I must point out that you do not own that audience. In fact, your engagement rate depends on the platform’s algorithm and how often they place you on top. you may grow a large following but that does not guarantee that they will Google you if those social media platforms ever crash.

Social Media Algorithms Change Constantly.

In order for you to master your social media marketing strategy, you must comprehend the ongoing algorithms changes and adapt to them. Now, unless you’re a developer, this is almost impossible to decipher and will take both your time and money.

It Crashes, a Lot.

What are you going to do when you want to promote your greatest creation, yet your Instagram crashes for hours? You could lose a significant amount of money! If you only rely on social media marketing to communicate with your potential clients you could harm your business.

You Have no Access to Their Information.

I’m not saying that you must collect every piece of personal information from each person. What I’m saying is that if something detrimental happened to your social media handles, there would be no way for you to download your potential customers’ names and emails. Therefore, your social media strategy fails, and so does your business.

Not Focused on Email Marketing.

Most business owners focus on social media marketing rather than email marketing. This is not a great strategy. You need to have access to people’s email accounts in order to promote your business in case your other marketing strategies fail.

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Hello? Can Anybody Hear Me?

With social media, there is no way for you to know if your followers truly enjoy your content, or if they just “swipe” through it. You are able to check your demographics and see your engagement rates, but you can do nothing about it because you do not own your social media handle.

What is The Alternative?

Email marketing! Not only is it free, but it will tell you exactly how many people have opened your emails so you can improve them. It will show you your click rates, and how your readers react to your emails. The best part is that you own your email list. No matter what happens, you can always download all those emails accounts.

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Do you agree or disagree with these points?

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