How to Get a Real Virtual Address For Your Business

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If you run a business from your home, it might be difficult to comply with email marketing laws when your mailing address is also your residential one. I know that I was on the same boat. I didn’t feel safe providing my real address because of obvious reasons such as being stalked by someone, receiving large amounts of packages that I could not accept due to not always being at home, and merely not knowing what was coming my way. I knew that I wanted to get a virtual address.

Due to this, I did some research. I did not want to rent a P.O Box due to the following reasons:

  • They are expensive
  • You have no clue of what you receive or when
  • You have to take the time to go and get your mail
  • They tend not to be big enough

Thankfully, I came across Earth Class Mail.

Get a Virtual Address For Your Business

Earth Class Mail is a mail service that allows you to get a physical mailing address while giving you control virtually. With this service, you get to:

  • Pick a mailing address where you will receive your mail regardless of your physical location
  • Your mail shipped to their secure facilities where they will be organized and securely stored
  • You can check your mail directly from the website, where you will find high-resolution PDFs
  • You choose to save them, shred them, forward them, or recycle them
  • You can integrate Earth Class Mail with any apps to keep your essential letters
  • You can avoid this: 

There are many locations you can choose from. Since I live in NYC, I wanted mine in NYC as well.

After you’ve viewed your mail, you can always schedule a delivery to receive them to your residential address.

I am in love with this service. It makes managing my mail and business much easier while protecting my address. This mail service also prevents me from missing essential packages due to not being home all the time. Additionally, it helps me comply with the email marketing laws by giving me a reliable location to put at the end of my emails.

Many believe that a P.O Box or renting a space is a must to comply with marketing laws and to be more professional. However, spending thousands of dollars on office space will only result in significant losses, while renting a P.O Box does not include exceptional customer service, nor mail management right from your home office.

At EF, we firmly believe that being able to manage everything while automating what you can is key to a successful business and life.

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