The Easy Method I Used to Gain 60+ Subscribers in One Day

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The Easy Method I Used to Gain Over Sixty Subscribers in One Day

I get it. You created an outstanding website or blog but are having difficulties getting traffic and email subscribers. I was on that same boat, and if I’m honest, sometimes I tend to sit down and brainstorm on different ways to increase the amount of traffic I receive, which is perfectly fine.

In this post, I will share with you how I was able to gain over sixty subscribers in one day with one blog post. I also received more traffic and email subscribers after

that, too!

Guest Post

I know what you’re probably thinking, “Elenny, I have tried to guest post but was denied numerous times!”

I, too, was denied numerous times. However, the reason was not that my piece was terrible.

Reason #1: It may have gone to their spam folder.

If you are using your own domain’s email, the chances are that your emails went to their spam folder. I noticed this when I sent myself an email and did not receive it to my primary folder. Instead, it was categorized as spam.

You may be familiar with Squirrelmail, Roundcube, and Horde. They are webmail options for you to choose when you purchase shared hosting for your site. Initially, I had Horde. All the emails I sent via Horde went straight to the spam folder. Due to this situation, I decided to switch to Roundcube, and my emails went to my desired destination: the primary folder.

Reason #2: They already planned out their posts for the upcoming months.

Don’t feel discouraged if they reject or ignore your pitch. Sometimes the website writers have a lot of blog posts programmed for months! However, if your pitch is different and written from a unique point of view, they might make an exception.

Reason #3: Your pitch is selfish.

We know that your objective is to promote yourself and your site by writing on someone else’s space to gain more traffic and exposure. However, those websites want to know what they can get out of your post and the value you can bring to them. With this said, you cannot write about how long it took you to write that post, or how happy and blessed you will be if it is published. Instead, you need to tell them how your blog post is going to engage their audience and what they will obtain out of your post. Remember that many websites are eager to publish posts, just make sure you put them first.

Reason #4: Badly written.

This point is the most fundamental reason why your pitch was rejected. Perhaps it was poorly written, and you did not double check

before pressing “send.” Did you make it selfish? Did you misspell the person’s name? Does it make sense? In short, it is significant for you to perfect your pitch and make sure it is error-free before you send your email.

How to Write a Blog Post That Will Get Published & Generate Traffic?

Here are the exact steps I took to get my post published and how I was able to gain over sixty subscribers in one day.

  1. I found a website with a similar niche to mine. My goal is to help women with finances, personal development, career-wise, and to promote entrepreneurship.
  2. I made sure they accept guest posts (some websites don’t!)
  3. I navigated the site to become more familiar with the type of posts they publish. This gave me an idea of how to write mine.
  4. I wrote my post and added valuable resources for their readers
  5. I filled out their “submit post” form and sent it. Note that some websites already have this form, so you may not even have to write a pitch introducing yourself.
  6. They emailed me back the same day and posted my blog post the following.
  7. I received a lot of traffic! They also subscribed to my email list when they landed on my content upgrade.

The Content Upgrade I Used

This image is my landing page. As you can see, it is offering my readers a free guide with my “10 Easy Steps To Manage Your Money Like a Pro” in exchange for their email address. However, when they click “get now,” they see that I am GDPR compliant and their information will be kept safe and private. You can see that here:

Additionally, I added the guide as a content upgrade embedded in my post, as seen here:

If you are considering doing this, remember that your content upgrade must be relevant, helpful, full of valuable information, and written with your readers in mind. This is not the time to be self-centered.

I continue to get traffic every day from that one post, and you can do it for yourself, too!


Ps. You can get the “10 Steps to Manage Your Money Like a Pro” below.


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