I Got a Sugar Daddy For Money (Ep 1)

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Disclaimer: This personal experience was sent to us by a young lady that prefers to stay anonymous. Please, be respectful. This is meant to be educational.

What is a sugar daddy? “a rich older man who lavishes gifts on a young woman in return for her company or sexual favors.” -Dictionary

When I signed up on SeekingArrangement, I knew what I wanted. I simply wanted to find a few sugar daddies that would give me a weekly allowance in exchange for romantic conversations. You know, someone you can always talk to.

I did not want to meet with them, and I am glad I never did.

After I signed up and my profile was approved, I was immediately receiving messages! One of them offered me a weekly allowance of $500, and he was about 100 miles away from my location, so I thought that he was perfect! I wouldn’t have to meet him.

He asked for my phone number. Of course, I was not going to give him the real one, so I downloaded a free app and gave him that number instead. If anything, I could have deleted the app and forgotten about him.

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Then the text messages began. He sent me pictures of his children, and in that very same paragraph, he also mentioned that his *private* was fully functional. I don’t know about you, but I was already feeling uncomfortable. But hey, he was going to pay me, right? We kept the conversation going, and then the first flag came up. He asked me who I bank with. Of course, an innocent sugar baby would have thought that he was only asking because he needed that information to deposit their money. But a smart woman like myself knows that that’s how people get scammed.”Chase!” I replied.

In case you don’t know this, Chase is perhaps the most secure bank, and they always notify you when your account has been compromised.

After I said “Chase,” he stopped replying for hours. Hours passed, and he finally got back at me. He wanted to know my account and routing numbers. To that, I responded with, “sorry, I only use Paypal and Venmo for transactions like this.”

He stopped responding for a day. When he finally responded, he said, “sorry I haven’t been responding. I was traveling a lot yesterday, and I am jetlagged. When do you need the money?” Of course, I said, “today, if possible.”

He never responded. Now, I’m sure that the pictures he sent me were of somebody else, and he never intended to send me money. Instead, he was trying to obtain my banking information to withdraw my own money.

Scammed by a sugar daddy? Not quite.

You may be asking now, what is the moral of the story? If you are considering online dating or getting yourself a sugar daddy for money, be aware that most of the people out there are not who they say they are. They will try to make you believe that they are on your side and willing to support you financially, but their end goal is to squeeze every dollar out of your bank account.

Do not give them your bank account information, only send them pictures taken indoors (that way they won’t know where you hang), and if you are willing to meet them in person, do it in a public place chosen by YOU! Stay safe!

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