Be More Productive & Become a Morning Person (FINALLY!)

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Oh we know you saw this coming!

If you’re like me, you are a morning person that wakes up refreshed, thankful, and ready to face the day and get things done. If you’re not, then you know you fill find the solution within this post, so keep reading!

Did you know that your morning routine starts with the nightbefore?

No, seriously! The night before, you need to have everything ready for the next day to prevent forgetfulness, stress, and to feel accomplished (even when you haven’t started the day)

Due to this, you need to take your nights seriously, and create a schedule that works FOR YOU!

Waking up at 5 am To Get Things Done

One of the most effective ways of getting things done in the morning is by waking up earlier since nobody else is awake, it should be quiet, and you should be more inspired and motivated.

Of course, waking up at 5 am might seem challenging for you, especially when you haven’t done it. If you have, you may have felt MISERABLE. However, it doesn’t have to feel that way, and you are doing it WRONG.

When you decide to wake up earlier, don’t just set your alarm and go to sleep. Instead, follow the 15-minutes rule and your body will adjust to the changes.

The 15-minutes rule consists of going to bed 15 minutes earlier, and waking up 15 minutes earlier. Do this gradually until you reach your desired “wake up” time!

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I’m Up, Now What?

You are tempted to reach your phone and scroll your life away, but not so fast.

You must have a long to-do list, and you might feel stressed. However, there is something missing from your morning routine, and that is morning pages.

Morning pages are literally pages where you write every morning. These pages include: self-affirmations, motivational quotes, what you are thankful for, your goals, what you are looking forward to.

This may sound like a waste of time, but it is actually one of the most effective ways of managing your tasks because when you work on your morning pages, your brain gets rewired and energized to get things done AFTER you have complemented its abilities, and your desire to get things done increases.

Did you know that morning pages are a brain booster, as well as a mood booster? It helps clarify your goals, who you are, increases your self-esteem, and makes you a happier person.

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But I Have a Lot to Do!

I feel you! Sometimes we are bombarded with tasks and don’t even know where to start, so we end up doing nothing at all, or worse, multitasking!

I always teach that multitasking is the root of all evil because when you do it, you tend to make a lot of mistakes that may result in you having to do the whole task all over again, and THAT is a time killer.

The best alternative is using my GID formula:

Important Task= Time + Energy – Irrelevancy

Time: (1-Not so time-consuming), (5-Very time consuming).

Energy: (1-Not a large amount of energy), (5-Very large amount of energy).

Irrelevancy: (1-Not irrelevant at all), (5-Meh, pretty irrelevant).

Results: A task with a score of 11 is your most relevant task.

Read more about it here, or learn more about it here.

Task Planner

Being the busy person that you are, you recognize that you need a place to write down your tasks in order. That place may be a planner, calendar-blocking, time-batching, or your disorganized notes app.

I figured that when you write things by hand, your brain prepares itself and prepares you to get that task done which results in increased productivity.

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