Hi there! So, you want to be part of something huge, huh?

My book, Empowered Affluence, is coming out on July 19, 2019, and I want YOU to be an important part of the book’s success.


This book is going to be life-changing because it will teach women:

  • Self-confidence
  • How to boost their self-esteem
  • How to increase their income
  • How and where to gain more skills
  • How to monetize their skills
  • How to create and launch their successful businesses
  • How to advance in their career
  • How to manage their business, career, and family
  • Much more!

Therefore, I am creating an Exclusive Book-Launch Insider Team.

When you become an insider of this life-changing book, you will:

  • Get a FREE copy of Empowered Affluence
  • Get FREE admission to the Empowered Affluence course
  • Gain all of the knowledge from the book
  • Join a community of badass women who are ready to rule the world
  • Improve your life personally, financially, and everything-ally. Get it?
  • Have the possibility of making money as an affiliate

Being part of the launch includes an INVITE-ONLY TEAM that is *fully-committed* to helping out during launch week (i.e., sharing updates on social media, leaving Amazon reviews on a specified date, and sharing via your blog/newsletters, if applicable) – in exchange for:

  • A FREE – EARLY EDITION – COPY of the eBook.
  • A look behind the scenes of the book launch process (I’ll share everything I’m up to, including the details of the course).
  • FREE tuition into the Empowered Affluence Course (an e-course that’ll be made available once the book is out).

If you’re as excited as I am, apply below!