The $32 Self-Improvement Planner That Entrepreneurs Swear By

The self-improvement planner that entrepreneurs swear by.

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The planner that high-achievers can’t live without

If you’re an organization freak along with a self-improvement activist, I’d like to officially welcome you to the club! [insert virtual high-five here] Seriously, high-five your screen, right now.

I have tried so.many.planners but not many of them worked for me for the following reasons:

  1. They were dated. My life is too hectic for me to organize tasks by day and hour. I’m a mom. There’s no such thing as “a task per hour.”
  2. I never used them for the long-term. Most planners are for a whole year, and that sounds like a commitment to me.
  3. They did not allow me to be creative. Sure, planners are amazing when all you have to do is fill them out, but an empty planning space was something I desperately needed.
  4. They were not for entrepreneurs, who are also parents, who also have professional goals.

Luckily, Amazon is the light at the end of the tunnel when we are searching for self-improvement products including planners, and I came across The SELF Journal – Daily Planner.

The SELF Journal – Daily Planner is an entrepreneur favorite on Amazon, with over 500 reviews from users describing it as life-changing, high-quality, well-thought, and an absolute must-have.

This is what Shark Daymond John said himself,

Credit: Amazon

Many reviewers also love the fact that each planner lasts for 13 weeks, which has proven to improve one’s goal setting and is backed by science. They also love their options since it comes in charcoal, navy, and as a limited edition, multi-color 4 pack.

“I got my Journal last Tuesday and started right away (I’m on Day 8) – lol I’ve never started a calendar on Tuesday

before, but I’m so glad I didn’t wait. This journal is what I would create for myself if I created the perfect journal. I have literally been printing out my own journal pages for the last year because I just couldn’t find one that worked for me. They are all either too “time management” focused or too “define your goals and dreams “focused. When I saw the ad for the SELF Journal on Facebook, I was completely amazed at how perfect it was for me. Just the right mix of time management, goals, and gratitude.”

Credit: Amazon

I love the fact that this planner is undated and backed by science, proving that it will help you with your goal setting and daily rituals. It gives you a lot of space to be creative and freestyle your day without having to write everything by the hour.

I know what you’re probably thinking, “$32 for a planner that is not even for the whole year!? Get out of here, Ele!”

Trust me, I was thinking the same thing when I found it and saw the price. However, I was immediately sold after

I learned that they donate a meal for each purchase, so you are actually helping end world-hunger with this planner. The planner helps you achieve your goals and reevaluate your life, improves your goals-setting skills, allows you to be creative, and is supported by Daymond!

Yes, I ordered mine. I couldn’t wait!

What do you think? Is it too expensive, or is it perfect for your goals?

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