Study Reveals that Working From Home Makes You Productive and Entrepreneurial

working from home makes you productive

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Working remotely is no longer a privilege. Numerous companies are allowing employees to work from home in order to reduce operation costs, which is both smart and a win-win.

Remote jobs have become so normal that people are searching for remote jobs on sites like LinkedIn and Indeed. Note: we have our own job search tab that you can access for free here.

Fun fact: All of the interns we have hired have worked remotely. Even the interview was done from the comfort of their home!

But what are the actual benefits of working from home? What are the drawbacks?

A recent study shows that remote workers average a total of 27 minutes of unproductive time per day, but office workers average a whopping total of 37 minutes of unproductive time. Not only that, but 56% of office workers find ways to avoid working while only 39% of remote workers do so.

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This is something that I can relate to as someone who has worked in an office and at home. You may think that going to an office will help you be more productive at work since you’ll be surrounded by other super hard-working co-workers, but if you don’t enjoy the work environment around you, you are not going to be as productive as you could be.

According to remote employees, the most effective ways to stay productive are to take breaks, set your own working hours, and keep a planner or agenda. Of course, other contributing factors are getting fresh air outside, listening to music, and talking to co-workers online so you don’t feel so lonely.

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Since remote workers don’t have a boss constantly looking over their shoulders, they develop leadership and entrepreneurial skills. 50% of remote workers are planning to become their own boss one day. 21% already are their own boss, and 29% are not interested.

Great read: Our friends over at Toptal posted an article that discusses how reward visualization helps in enhancing one’s productivity. Since reward motivation is a topic that is often overlooked, we are 100% sure you will learn a lot from this amazing article by hacking your brain.

I have and will always say this, if you want to become a business owner or entrepreneur without going to business school, the best things you can do are attend webinars, purchase courses, and work for someone else. Now you get to do this from the comfort of your home!

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