009: Getting Leads and Sales from Social Media with Samantha Kozuch

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In this episode, Samantha covers how to leverage the power of social media to make sales while you sleep.

We talk about the common myths behind monetizing social media, the best tips to grow organically, how to engage your audience, and more.

Here is what is covered:

[2:57]: How did you discover the power of using social media for generating leads and sales?
[5:20]: Does the number of followers matter?
[9:43]: Why do you think businesses and personal brands fail at monetizing social media? How can we fix that?
[14:52]: What is a myth of monetizing one’s social presence that you can’t stand?
[17:56]: What are your top 3 social media tips for online businesses?
[23:43]: What is the website where we can learn more about you and your services?
[24:32]: What are your social media handles?

Resources mentioned:

Instagram Scripts That Sell: https://samantha-kozuch.mykajabi.com/InstagramScriptsThatSell

Find her here: https://www.instagram.com/samanthakozuch/

Find me too: https://elennyfrometa.com/

Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/elenny-frometa/support


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