How to Grow Your Email List For Free

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No, this is not “clickbait.”

Of course, driving paid traffic to your opt-in page is perhaps the most efficient way of driving targeted traffic, especially since you can choose exactly who you want to target. However, realistically speaking, people don’t always want to run ads even if they have the money to do so.

So, how do you start?

Let’s talk about why nobody is joining your email list to begin with ??

Growing an email list is not how it used to be months ago. People are no longer opting in for simple, downloadable freebies. Why?

They want value.

They want you to give them something that they would normally pay for. They also want to be nurtured after

they give you their email address.

This is why in order to create an irresistible opt-in page, you must first decide what you want to give away for free that will actually help move them from point A to point B.

There is much more information for you to take in regarding growing your email list that it simply cannot all fit here without boring you to tears, which is why I want to invite you to join my FREE 3-Day Grow Your Email Video Series below.

This challenge contains some of my best tips for growing an email list without having to spend a cent on ads.

If you have been listening to my podcast or digesting my content you know that I don’t sugar-code things, so I am going to be very clear with you: you MUST do the action steps at the end of each email.

I assume that you are growing your email list because you know how important it is, and you also know that the notorious phrase “the money is in the list” is not a cliché.

Because of that and your eagerness to grow and learn, I need you to understand that this challenge is not difficult as long as you put in the work and don’t get lazy.

Each day is a new adventure and a new task filled with resources and opportunities. I am giving you choices! You get to pick.

On that note, join the challenge using the invitation form above, or simply click the button below, which will take you to the challenge’s official landing page.

Oh, and

before I forget… you’re amazing. Seriously. Running a business isn’t easy and entrepreneurs don’t tend to talk about the struggles we often face.

Growing an email list that we can monetize is one of those struggles, but don’t worry… I’ve got your back.

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