How to Grow a Targeted Email List

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Perhaps you already have an email list but you want to grow it more, or maybe you don’t have a list at all and want to start growing one.

The first thing you need to recognize is the fact that growing a profitable email list is important because aside from putting more money in the bank, you build a strong and loyal email community that trusts you. This is valuable.

The best part is that unlike your social media following, your email list will not be taken away from you with algorithm changes. You own it.

So, what is a targeted email list anyway?

I’ve covered this

before. A targeted email list is a list that you grow and nurture with the intention of selling them an offer in the future.

This list is highly-targeted and very niched down.

Before I get into the how, I want to point out a common misconception:

Some entrepreneurs and marketers believe that growing a huge email list is the key to online success, but this is FALSE.

The money is not in the size of the list, but in the quality of the leads.

?? That means that a list that only has 100 subscribers can be more valuable than a list that has 100,000 subscribers if that 100 people list is highly-targeted and engaged with your brand.

Yes, all you need is 100 loyal subscribers, maybe even less.

The steps to grow a targeted email list

  • Come up with an offer you are going to sell in the future.

This can be an online course, a physical product, a coaching program, etc. The future is up to you.

  • Create your opt-in freebie

This is the freebie they are going to get immediately after

they opt-in. Please, don’t make this a simple PDF download. People no longer want that!

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  • Create your landing page

Your landing page should have a video or image of your freebie, a reason why they need this, a transformation statement, and what to expect from you.

  • Write your welcome and nurture sequence

You want to write your emails in advance prior to sending traffic to your landing page. Schedule those emails.

  • Drive traffic

I promise you, driving free traffic is easier than you think. You just have to do it differently.

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