How I Make 6 Figures with Pinterest

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Have you ever wanted to get free traffic, leads, and sales without having to invest a single dollar on paid advertising?

Well, I am happy to announce that the answer has always been right in front of your nose:

Pinterest for business.

When I launched my first business I was going to college full-time while also raising my newborn baby.

Yes, I was a full-time college student, full-time mother, and full-time entrepreneur.

I was losing my mind.

My concern was running and scaling my business because I wanted to be my own boss and get consistent monthly income.

I needed my business to work because I needed to have money coming in so that I could invest it back into my business, keep growing it, and give my child the best possible future.

However, I came across so many different marketing gurus who are known for promoting the idea of hustling 24/7, creating content 24/7, posting everywhere, and simply not resting.

That advice did not sit well with me, especially because I was already so busy dealing with college and my child that I simply didn’t have time to create and post all the time!

To top it off, I didn’t have the money to spend on a marketing team or to run paid ads to attract clients. Perhaps I did, but that’s not something I felt comfortable with because the risk was high.

So I turned to a platform that has now become the strong foundation of all of my businesses, Pinterest.

Make Money on Pinterest

I am going to tell you some of my Pinterest tips so that you can learn (and implement) how I make money on Pinterest.

Now, if you want to start selling on Pinterest, there is something very important you must understand; you cannot solely focus on selling. You must deliver consistent free value as part of your funnel.

Here is one of the images I shared on my Instagram about how that funnel might look like:



I create my pins in advance, meaning

before I write my blog posts or create my landing pages.

I create multiple pins linking to the same URL because those are considered fresh pins and Pinterest LOVES those.

I also do the same for my clients!

Before I create pins, I do intensive keyword research to make sure that people are searching for that content.

Blog Post/Lead Magnet

You can either choose to link to a blog post or to a lead magnet directly. My choice? I do both and test what works.

If you are linking to a blog post, make sure it is actionable and that it has a very clear call to action so that you can funnel people in. You can send them to your email list by giving them a golden freebie, or you can send them directly to your paid offer (this is risky).

I teach how to create super simple Pinterest funnels that convert inside my Pinned Simple Program.

Opt-In & Freebie Delivery

If you want them to join your list, you want to make sure that you are giving them A LOT of free value in exchange for their emails.

We do this inside Pinned Simple by creating a golden lead magnet.

A golden lead magnet is literally gold. It is something that you give away for free but that has monetary value.

Give them something that they would normally pay for like a masterclass, mini-course, or an ebook. Those are things that people normally pay for so they are high in value.

Make sure that your prospects receive their goodies immediately after

signing up!

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⭐️ BONUS! ⭐️

If you are already savvy when it comes to funnels or you simply know what you are doing, you can create a funnel in which the first step is to get the freebie, and then the next page will confirm that they have the freebie in their inbox AND also upsell them something.

This upsell will be a baby product that won’t cost them more than $27 dollars.

This will grow your email list with high-quality (and buying) customers.

You’re welcome.

Welcome + Nurture Sequence

Adding to the point above, I recommend you to have your welcome and nurturing sequence pre-written and scheduled in advance.

Here is what those are:

Welcome sequence: a series of emails that are scheduled to be delivered after a person joins your email list. These emails tell them: who you are, what you do and why, who you help, etc.

This sequence can also send them back up and remind them to buy your baby product.

Nurture sequence: a series of emails that are scheduled and sent with the purpose of getting your list ready to buy from you. These emails contain their pain points, stress, desires, how you can help, and how they can get started.


Then you make the sale!

When your content is irresistible, your lead magnet is golden, your baby product is a no-brainer, and your emails are written with the buyer in mind, making sales becomes second-nature.

This is one of the many ways that I have been able to make 6 figures using Pinterest alone.

Affiliate marketing has also helped, but it is not my main source of income because I am very picky about who I promote, and I must love and trust the brand before I put their name out there next to mine.

However, that is not all I do.

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