What I can do for you

I write copy that increases your engagement rates, reaches your target audience, and converts them into profitable and valuable prospects.

I specialize in:
Web copy (home page, about page, contact page, team bios, service pages, and others.)
Email copy (engaging emails that will get opened, read, and cashed).
White pages (maybe you’ve got something to brag about or want to persuade a valuable company; I’ve got you covered).
Case studies (share your product or service in a conversational tone that will make your customers love your brand more.
Posts (highly researched, SEO-optimized, and non-boring, of course).

Who am i?

Hi there! I’m Elenny Frometa, and I’m a copywriter.

why listen to me?

I am a highly-trained and experienced copywriter, trained by America’s top copywriters.
Almost have a B.A in Professional Writing & Psychology. Meaning I can write like a real pro and understand the psychology behind people’s behavior. (I know how to get them to open their hearts and wallets).
My copies are not “plain.” Most copies tend ONLY to have words. My copies include images and sample templates that you can use to reach your desired audience without boring them. We live in a visual world, after all.
I can adapt to your company’s specific writing style. Do you want humor? You got it. Do you want formality? You got it.
I’m a team player. I am willing to work with your professional team to give you the best copy and best results for your project, whatever it may be.

Some nice things people have said about elenny:

Melissa Feliciano: “Elenny is a great copywriter and has a lot of talent to capture the attention of your audience, which is hard to do. Every time we speak about an upcoming project, she gets me and gives me exactly what I want, even more.”

Joe Rosa: “A very detailed-oriented writer that focuses on the words she uses and the images she recommends. She truly cares about her clients’ success.”


I’d love to partner up with you and help you achieve your goal for your business. Let’s connect!
You’ve got nothing to lose, and a fantastic copy to win (with a long-lasting friendship. I’m included in the packages).