• Step 1

    Get to Know You

    I Will…

    Listen carefully to all the details, even the tiniest ones.

    Ask relevant questions.

    Keep track of everything about you and your company.


    You Will…

    Know what you will be getting.

    Know when you will get it.

    Receive a perfect copy tailored for you!

    If we can do some magic together, I will send you a work proposal. This will include:

    A firm project quote (no hidden costs, no blah).

    A detailed list of deliverables.

    A general timeframe.

    During the Chat

    We will learn if we are a good match and if we can work some magic together.

    Our initial chat may also reveal if you don’t know what kind of content can help you. Don’t worry, friend! I will strategically guide you every step of the way with a roadmap that explains your goals, action plans, and expected results (without going over your budget).

  • Step 2

    make magic happen

    Were we meant to be? Yahoo! 

    Once you receive my proposal, sign the agreement, and send it back to me, I will provide you with a fixed project kickoff date and you will make a 50% deposit.

    Then, I will start to work on your copy by gathering:

    Customer feedback (carefully reviewed by me.

    Comprehension of your product or brand via a phone or chat session, whichever is more convenient. (Normally 40-90 minutes).

    Extensive market research.

    A questionaire about your brand.

    Collecting that data will:

    Help pinpoint your competitor’s marketing strategies (and their weak spots).

    Create a persona of your ideal customer and efficiently target them.

    Determine the voice and tone of your brand.

    Develop a unique selling proposition.

    Build trust and bring in the CHA-CHING.

    I will ask you a lot of questions because you are the only person that knows about your brand/business and its needs. 

    Also, I might send you a survey for your list that will:

    Help us understand their needs and wants so we can appeal to both.

    Help us get to know your audience.

    Learn how they use your product or service in real life. (We love statistics!).

    Know what benefits they value most.

    Prevent us from making blind assumptions. 

    Lastly, I will go ahead and write a detailed outline of that magical, result-driven copy you need. It will show you the concepts and messages that will be featured on your copy.

    Once you approve it, I will go ahead and write your magical first draft.

    The first draft will be packed with notes and questions. Yes, we are working together to give you the best possible copy.

  • Step 3

    Edit Like You Read It

    I know You Read It, But The Rhyme Was Needed.

    After you review the first draft and send it back to me with your edits, I will polish like I did in college, and give you a copy that will leave you astonished. (Those rhymes are still working).

    Your package includes two rounds of revisions. If you don’t live for the first draft, I’m sure you’ll love the second.

    Note: I’m a visual and creative copywriter. Your copy will include images and a recommended layout with detailed explanations of such. 

    One of my primary objectives is to give you a copy that will make you scream, “oh yes! This is what my business needed!” Due to that goal, I will work closely with your designer and developer to make those visuals come to life

  • Step 4

    Let’s make it official

    I knew you’d say “I do.”

    Once we’ve perfected that copy that will open your audience’s hearts (and wallets), you will be charged the remaining 50% via debit or credit card, and you will brag about your conversion rates as well as your new favorite copywriter. 

I got answers to your questions

  • How much do you charge?

    I am not cheap, but for a good reason. Great copywriting is costly, but bad copywriting will cost you more considering the loss of money, time, and customers you could potentially face. 
    When you work with me, you are partnering with a highly trained and experienced conversion copywriter that will increase your conversions and get you more customers. It takes more than just “words” for an excellent copy.
    Prices depend on the complexity, type, and time of the project.
    “You get what you pay for.”

  • How do we get started?

    Contact me by completing a form with your details and budget. If I think I can help you and your business reach your desired goals, we will schedule a chat to discuss your fantastic project and see if we are a match. From there on, you will receive a proposal, sign the agreement, make your 50% deposit, and continue with our magical journey.

  • How long do projects usually take?

    Timelines vary depending on the extent of the projects. On average, projects take 2-6 weeks from start to finish, including the research. If you have a deadline, please let me know right away. 

  • I need you, but you’re too expensive =[

    Aww! I feel your pain! But excellent, magical copy doesn’t come cheap; then it wouldn’t be any of those two things. Just think about the cha-ching your business can bring in with a strategic, conversion copy [themify_icon icon=”fa-smile-o” link=”http://” icon_color=”#f7adad”].

  • Can you also do the design?

    No. I do include images and a recommended layout per copy, but I do not design. However, I can work with your designer or developer to make those visuals come to life! How does that sound? It is included in your package, after all!

  • Do you need a two-weeks notice?

    Nope. But the sooner you let me know about your project, the better. I might be booked, but I am worth the wait. Once we set your project’s start date, it will get my undivided attention.

  • Do I have to pay you upfront?

    Only 50% upfront. You will pay me the remaining 50% after the final draft is complete.
    I do not accept checks. I accept payments via Paypal.